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All our items are handmade by a US Navy veteran, from high quality paracord here in the USA. Items can be custom made to order just for you. You pick the colors, size, and clasp hardware and we’ll ship quick via USPS.


How do you I find my wrist size?

Use either a seamstress tape or flexible tape measure (You can also use a piece of string or yarn and a ruler). Wrap it around the area you wish the bracelet to fit snugly. I will add the necessary measurement to make it fit comfortably. DO NOT USE ANY PREVIOUS BRACELETS TO GET A MEASUREMENT.

What is 550 Paracord?

The paracord we use is 550 commercial grade paracord made in the USA . The parachute cord is 100% nylon and has a braided outer shell braid with 7 inner strands. The outer cover is rated at 200 lbs and the inner strands are rated at 50 lbs each for a total static load of 550 lbs. It will not rot or mildew.

How much cord is used in making these products?

For each inch of bracelet, there is approx. one foot of paracord used. So a 9 inch braclet will contain about 9 feet of 550 paracord!

Return Policy

We guarantee your satisfaction,  simply return product for a replacement, or refund. Does not include return shipping.