Just what is this waffle thing?


In our facebook group (Paracord, waffles and more) we will be listing items you can get chances to win, we call them “waffles” because FB does not want people holding “raffles” and stuff like that.


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We will start by Waffling Paracord items, and may later offer other items at members request.


How to Play?
Very simply, members would indicate x1,2,3 for how many spots they would like to play. For example, if a member
would like 2 spots they would comment x2. If a Exhibition is moving slowly a Step Up may be

What’s a Step Up?
A Step Up is a chance to win a set amount of spots in the main Exhibition.

Payments are due at the time of securing spots/spots. Payments can be made to PAYPAL (use the friends and family payment option do not put anything in the “notes” section)
or Google Wallet

⚡PayPal: esuarez6629@att.net
⚡GW: esuarez956@gmail.com

Giveaways……Occasionally we will be giving away some freebies.  For those who participate in our waffles you will receive a spot in my giveaways. To be in this group you must be 18+ to join and to participate in waffles and must have a PayPal or Google Wallet account.